Tough Talk

by Cape Cool

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    90 minute long cassette, with tough talk home recorded by yours truly on it. Which means alot of extra space for you to record on it!!! Comes with sloppy handwritten love letter out to whoever bought it, cuz i love you that much. Also includes bonus track and song meanings/ lyrics.
    1. Shook Knees
    2. Green Tea
    3. Sunrise/Sunset
    4. Memory Gap
    5. Real Life
    6. Smell The Roses
    7. Aurora
    8. Genuine Imitation
    9. Under My Skin
    10. New Recording II

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First album, help me get better equipment by donating. Thanks For All The Support! - Thom

All Songs Written/Recorded by Thomas Perren


released August 30, 2016

Ken Davis - Voice on Shook Knees. Dont sue me.
Avy Cruz- Helped name green tea
Korg Microkorg- All Synth
Dav Pirozzi- Positive energy, great friend. Thanks Bud.
Thomas Perren
My Little Sister's ipad



all rights reserved


Cape Cool Vineland, New Jersey

Cape Cool = Thomas Perren

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Track Name: Shook Knees
14, i have the hear of a 14 yr old
it's just in a really wrinkled package.
and the things i want to do, i cant do all of them anymore,
the things i want to think of wont come to my mind.
do you ever do that? do you ever do that?
Track Name: Green Tea
Talking is a bore, and listening is a chore
im wasting everyday, just searching for something 2 say.
and i dont wanna b another record on the shelf,
even though i know i only do it to myself

so i know that i'll soon take you place (it's ok it's ok)
and i know that im not here to stay (thats ok thats ok)

And we walk on two different beats
but we understand when we meet
and we walk on two different streets
but we understand each other's pain


that's it
Track Name: Sunrise/Sunset
drowning in a sea of holy water
i cant tell if i've even sinned.
it's good to stick by one another
sometimes it feels like you're my only friend.

and i see it every morning,
i think abt it every eve.
i cant do with or without it,
the sunrise, the sun. rise,

Track Name: Memory Gap
I cant believe i let it slip right through my fingers again.
I lost my one and only friend.
loneliness is a common theme these days,
I need a memory gap to feel ok.

I cling to my thoughts but i never know which ones.
i cant understand what i want from you
and people live their lives more miserable than me.
it seems i need a memory gap to finally feel.....
Track Name: Real Life
o, its just your mind and its never real life, yea.

i dont know, anymore.

why do u believe the lies telling you to compromise?
when i said its in your mind and it doesnt touch real life.

I dont know, anymore
Track Name: Smell The Roses
wake up smell the roses, man they'll wither till they're dead 2x
watch them leave your eyesight just like me and all your friends.
wake up smell the roses, become happy though you're sad.


wake up use your kindness as a tool to teach the world.
how can such a small boy be a hit with all the girls?
wake smell the roses on this perfectly fine day,
show the world that you have something new you wanna say.
Track Name: Aurora
stay and dream, close to me, close to me, close to me
and i believe you like 2 b close to me, because you stay.

and if you cry yrself to sleep, yrself to sleep, yrself to sleep,
then talk to me, and always be close to me dont ever part.
Track Name: Under My Skin
finally free, i realize,
maybe im farther than it seems 2nite.
i walk a few steps and im still trapped.
maybe i followed you right to regret.

o goodness me, im lost again.
what do you do when your lies spread so thin?
im trapped inside of my own design,
you followed me, but only for one time.

maybe you like getting under my skin
and maybe im too afraid to say anything.
maybe you like to get under my skin
and maybe im too afraid to say anthing. ;-D
Track Name: Genuine Imitation
walking home down the road, the street lamps light up yours. all alone, this feeling's coming on; im not who i thought i was, now.

its like a daze or a passing phase, but i cant force it out.
a genuine fluke of a friend you knew,
you cant help but feel smaller than the truth, yea.

a genuine imitation